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Emily Walker

Emiley Walker
Author & Writer | Parenting and BabyCare at Mamaadoptation

I'm a passionate writer committed to using storytelling to support and uplift families on their fostering and kinship care journeys. At Mama Adoption, I create engaging content that empowers parents and caregivers navigating the joys and challenges of raising amazing children.

Parent coaching
Attachment parenting
Parent-child Relationships
Baby Products
Newborn Baby
Knowledge of different parenting approaches (e.g., authoritative, permissive, authoritarian)
Strategies for managing and modifying children's behavior
communication techniques
Understanding child psychology
Specialized knowledge in supporting children with disabilities


Certified in Family dynamics, Parenting guide, Effective communication skills.

Emily Walker holds a Master's degree in parenting guidelines from Air university where she cultivated her expertise in understanding child development, effective communication, and family dynamics. Her academic journey ignited a lifelong passion for unraveling the complexities of parenting and helping others on their parenting journeys.


Emily Walker's professional journey is marked by a wealth of experience:
Nurse (RN) - Pediatrics or Mother-Baby Unit
Authorship: Emily has authored numerous articles, essays, and books on parenting guidelines, all crafted with a blend of academic knowledge and practical wisdom.
Parenting Workshops: She has conducted workshops and seminars, both online and in-person, providing parents with actionable tools and strategies.
Consulting: Emily has worked as a parenting consultant, offering personalized guidance to families facing unique challenges.
Media Contributions: Her insights have been featured in various publications, including parenting magazines and television programs.

Emily's Approach to Parenting:
Emily advocates for:
Positive Discipline: Promoting non-punitive methods for teaching and guiding children.
Open Communication: Fostering open and respectful communication within families.
Child-Centered Parenting: Prioritizing the well-being and development of the child while supporting parents in their roles.

Thank you for visiting Emily Walker's author page. Join her on a journey of discovery and empowerment as she guides you through the fascinating world of parenting guidelines. Together, let's nurture the next generation with love, knowledge, and understanding.

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