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Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare? (With Alternatives)

Planet Fitness, known for its extremely affordable memberships, may seem like the ideal solution. But… Can you drop off your kids at childcare at the same time as you exercise at Planet Fitness? As fitness enthusiasts, we recognize the conflict of balancing a dedication to health and wellness with the duties of parenthood. Many mothers and fathers seek gyms offering childcare, letting them prioritise their health while ensuring their children are safe and engaged. In this complete guide, we delve into a burning question: Does Planet Fitness have childcare? We will be discussing Planet Fitness and its childcare offerings in detail. By the end, you will be equipped with definitive answers and other possible solutions for parents in search of a gymnasium with childcare offerings.

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness stands out as a gym franchise built around affordability. Their claim to reputation is the $10 monthly club, a fee point extensively decreased than most competitors. This attention to budget-friendly entries makes them a famous desire for many.

Planet Fitness prioritizes fundamental equipment for fashionable health and weight training, concentrated on people who don’t require large amenities. They lack facilities like swimming pools, a wide sort of organization health instructions, or dedicated private training options.

However, their extensive network of over 2,500 places throughout North America, coupled with their low club price, has gained them a big member base.  While it is an extremely good preference for finances-aware health club-goers looking for basic equipment, it’s critical to recall their boundaries. If you feel facilities like swimming pools, numerous classes, or personalized education, exploring other gyms might be necessary to discover the first-class suit to your wishes.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare

Does Planet Fitness Offer Childcare? Here’s the Simple Answer:

Planet Fitness entices price range-conscious gym-goers and stands out for its low membership fees together with the “Judgement Free Zone”, one major drawback is they don’t provide childcare. This means you will not find committed kids’ membership or babysitting services at any of their places.

Their attention lies in keeping membership expenses low, which often translates to aside from facilities like childcare. This allows them to cater to a broader audience seeking a no-frills health club revel in. This may be a main hurdle for dad and mom searching for a fitness centre that caters to their busy schedules.

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Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have Childcare?

The main reason why Planet Fitness does not provide childcare facilities is to keep the membership affordable. Here’s a breakdown of why Planet Fitness would not provide childcare:

1- Cost Focus: 

Planet Fitness prioritizes preserving club costs particularly low. Offering childcare services would drastically increase operational charges, possibly leading to a fee hike that would contradict their core price proposition.

2- Limited Space: 

Many Planet Fitness places are acknowledged for their efficient use of the area, focusing broadly speaking on workout equipment. This regularly translates to a loss of devoted areas appropriate for safe and well-equipped childcare facilities.

3- Target Demographic: 

Planet Fitness usually targets budget-conscious, younger-adult clients. This demographic might not prioritize childcare services as much as families with younger children. Therefore, while Planet Fitness gives a handy and low-cost gym option, it’s crucial to manage expectations concerning childcare.

Planet Fitness Kids Policy:

Planet Fitness does not now have a specific “Kids policy” as they do not offer childcare services at any of their locations. But here are the key points that you need to know about the age restrictions and supervision guidelines:

1- Age Restrictions

Planet Fitness commonly requires people to be at least 13 (thirteen) years old to become individuals and utilize its centres independently. This age requirement aligns with their awareness of selling safe and comfortable surroundings for all participants to pursue their fitness dreams.

2- Supervision Guidelines

While kids under the age of 13 are not authorized to become Planet Fitness members or use the fitness centre system independently, they may accompany a discern father or mother during their visit. It’s important for parents or guardians to closely supervise their youngsters to ensure their protection and to uphold the gymnasium’s code of behaviour.

3- Childcare Services

Unlike some other fitness centre chains, Planet Fitness does not offer childcare services at any of its places. This choice displays the company’s commitment to keeping low membership costs and focusing on supplying exquisite health equipment and services to its participants.

Here’s a summary of the policy and guidelines of Planet Fitness about childcare and age restrictions::

  • No Childcare: Gyms do not have targeted areas or personnel for supervising children.
  • Individuals below 18 cannot enter as day bypass guests, despite a discernment or mother or father.
  • Memberships are available for those 13 and older, however with barriers:
  • Ages 13-14: Require a discern or guardian all through all exercises.
  • Ages 15-17: Need a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on record.

How Much Is The Planet Fitness Family Membership?

Planet Fitness “does not” provide a specific family membership in the traditional sense. Their club shape specializes in individuals, with no built-in options for families. Instead, they offer the Black Card Membership, which permits the primary members to carry one free guest with them on every occasion they visit the gym. Here’s the information:

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership:


  • $24.99 per month


  • Ability to bring one free visitor per visit
  • Access to rub-down chairs
  • Unlimited tanning
  • Drink discounts
  • Free visitor passes
  • Other distinctive perks

It’s important to understand that while this membership alternative permits a visitor to accompany one member, it does not represent a traditional family club plan. Each additional member of the family could need their own membership or visitor bypass. For families inquisitive about joining Planet Fitness collectively, they might need to either each have their memberships or utilize the guest privilege blanketed in the Black Card Membership.

Women doing workout in GYM

Can A 12 Yr Old Go To Planet Fitness?

No, a 12-year-old can’t access Planet Fitness independently. Their policy prioritizes safety and requires a minimal age for health club usage:

  • Children under 13: Not allowed access at all, regardless of adult supervision.
  • 13-14 year-olds: Must have a guardian or dad or mum present in the course of their complete exercise.
  • 15-17 year-olds: Need a signed waiver from a discern or mum or dad, however, can potentially have a training session without immediate adult supervision.

Therefore, a 12-year-old wouldn’t meet the age requirement for a solo fitness centre to get the right of entry.

Alternatives of Planet Fitness with Childcare Options

Planet Fitness gives a budget-friendly gym experience, however, one issue they lack is childcare. This can be a main hurdle for dads and moms who want to find time to exercise among work, their own family, and being concerned for their little ones.

Here, we discover some options for Planet Fitness that cater particularly to parents by imparting childcare services:

Gyms with Built-in Childcare Near Me:

1- LA Fitness: 

Many LA Fitness locations provide “Kids Klub” childcare services. Age necessities and hours may vary using location, but normally cater to youngsters from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Membership prices tend to be higher than Planet Fitness to cover childcare expenses.

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2- YMCA:  

YMCAs are known for his or her recognition of family fitness. Most places provide childcare offerings (regularly called “Child Watch”) for a price. Age tiers and hours may also vary, however commonly cater to babies via school-age children. Membership prices are typically better than Planet Fitness however may provide extra family-orientated amenities like swimming pools and group health classes.

3- Life Time Fitness: 

Life Time offers good-sized childcare services (“Life Time Kids”) with devoted personnel and age-suitable activities. They cater to a much broader variety (babies to young adults) and offer extended hours in comparison to a few other alternatives.  However, club prices are appreciably higher than Planet Fitness because of the comprehensive services, inclusive of childcare.

Here is the comparison of the above alternatives of Planet Fitness with childcare:

FeaturePlanet FitnessLA FitnessYMCALife Time Fitness
Childcare OfferedNoYes (Kids Klub)Yes (Child Watch)Yes (Life Time Kids)
Membership CostLowModerateModerateHigh
Additional AmenitiesLimited (free weights, aerobic machines)More sizeable (swimming pools, basketball courts, organization fitness instructions)Varied (swimming pools, gyms, own family sports)Extensive (pools, spas, mountaineering, children’s programs)


Finding stability between fitness and childcare can be annoying. Exploring alternative gyms, and community centres innovative scheduling can assist parents in establishing a sustainable exercise routine that complements their busy lives. While Planet Fitness gives a budget-pleasant choice, it’s essential to not forget their limitations regarding childcare offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my baby to the gym?

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness does not now provide childcare services and prioritizes a secure environment for all individuals.  Bringing kids under thirteen is prohibited to ensure everyone’s well-being.  If you require childcare while working out, keep in mind exploring your family-oriented gyms with dedicated childcare facilities. Alternatively, you would possibly need to find arrangements for childcare outside the health club.

How strict is the Planet Fitness dress code?

While Planet Fitness promotes a “Judgement Free Zone” environment, they do keep a dress code centred on safety and hygiene.  This method fends off open-toed footwear like sandals or turn-flops, excessively revealing garb and clothes with offensive language or imagery.

Can you pay for a one-day workout at Planet Fitness?

Currently, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer the option of deciding to buy a single workout session.  To access their facilities, you’ll want to commit to a month-to-month membership plan. This won’t be ideal if you have the handiest plan to work out sometimes. You can explore their internet site or contact your neighborhood membership to inquire about their club options and choose the only that first-rate fits your needs.

Can my wife use my Planet Fitness Black Card?

The perks associated with a Planet Fitness Black Card membership are different to the primary membership.  While your spouse wouldn’t be able to make use of your club’s advantages immediately, you could explore including her in your membership plan for an additional charge. 

Can I bring the same guest every day to Planet Fitness?

One of the substantial blessings of a Black Card club is the ability to carry a visitor with you at some stage in each go. This guest can be an identical man or woman each day, so long as they’re 18 years old or older and have a legitimate ID.  However, if the visitor is below 18, they ought to be observed using a determined mother or father at some point in their health club.

Can my boyfriend use my Planet Fitness Club?

Planet Fitness memberships are strictly individual and can’t be shared with others.  With this approach, your boyfriend wouldn’t be able to get admission to the gym with the usage of your club. If he is interested in becoming a member, he would need to gather his very own separate membership plan.

Can a Black Card guest go without the member?

No, the visitor privileges associated with a Black Card require the Black Card member to be present in the course of the entire gym.  This guarantees responsible use of the guest benefit and adherence to health club policies. The Black Card member ought to be to be had at the facility throughout the visitor’s exercise consultation.

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