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How to Make Baby Clothes Smell Good Naturally? [And Fix Common Issues!]

Making baby clothes smell good is a simple way to keep them smelling fresh and sweet all day long. All you need is essential oils and baking soda to make this process easy. Here are four tips for making your baby’s clothes smell great:

  • Add a little bit of each essential oil to the detergent in a bowl. Stir until combined.
  • Add baking soda to the detergent in a bowl. Stir until combined.
  • Wet your clothes and add one tablespoon of each essential oil mixture to the clothes, using as much or as little as you like. Let them dry on low heat before arranging them for your child!
  • If you have an air purifier in your home, place it near your child’s room so that their clothes don’t smell bad while they sleep!

Why use natural methods to make your baby clothes smell good?

Natural methods for making baby clothes smell good are gaining popularity as a way to reduce odor and improve the overall appearance of clothing. There are several reasons why people choose to use natural methods when it comes to making their baby clothes smell good.

Some believe these methods are better for the environment since they use fewer resources and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Others find that using natural methods helps keep clothes fresh, which can help avoid body odor. Ultimately, any process that helps to improve the overall look and smell of clothing is worth trying out.

How to make laundry smell good naturally?

There are many ways to make laundry smell great – and baby clothes are no exception! Using natural ingredients can help improve the fabric’s scent and make the process more pleasant for you and your child. Here are two tips to get you started:

Add some essential oils to your wash: Essential oils can help add a range of scents to your laundry. Try lavender, peppermint, or parsley for a light, refreshing scent or cedarwood for a strong, woodsy odor.

Use baking soda instead of detergent: Baking soda is a great choice for less-scented wash loads because it leaves the clothes feeling clean and fresh without harsh chemicals.

The best natural laundry detergent that smells good:

There are many different types of laundry detergents available on the market. Some people use them, while others use them as a general cleaner. The best natural laundry detergent that smells good is one that has a baking soda and lukewarm water scent

. Many different scents can be created with these ingredients, so it is up to the individual to find the one they prefer.

The best-scented natural laundry detergent recipe:

There’s no doubt that choosing laundry detergents can be a big decision. Some people swear by them, while others say they don’t need any and use commercial detergents. The scented natural laundry detergent recipe works best for you and your baby. Here is a tip to help you choose the right one:

Consider your needs: There are different scented natural laundry detergents for other purposes. For example, an all-natural detergent might not work well if you have a baby who spends a lot of time in diapers or if you’re pregnant. One option is to switch to an all-natural laundry detergent when you first become pregnant, but remember that it may not work perfectly for everyone.

Should you wash baby clothes separately?

One common belief is that the smell of baby clothes should be washed separately. This idea is based on the concept that synthetics have a bad odor and cause allergies in people.

Some people also believe that the oil used to wash baby clothes creates a bad smell, which can aggravate allergies. There are pros and cons to washing baby clothes separately, so deciding what works best for you and your child is important.

Dealing with stinky baby laundry:

There are many things that parents have to deal with when it comes to their babies. One of the most common things is the smell of their babies’ laundry. Some mothers find it difficult to care for their dirty clothes and leave them in the laundry room, where they can smell bad for hours.

Other mothers find that they cannot eliminate the smell and must keep them in the laundry room until they smell like a sewer. Parents must know how to deal with stinky baby laundry so they can be comfortable raising their little ones in a clean and odor-free environment.

Baby clothes still smell after washing:

When you buy baby clothes, it is important to make sure they smell great. After all, the baby will likely spend a lot of time in them! Unfortunately, many babies still seem to have an unpleasant smell after they are washed.

One possible explanation may be that the clothes need to be properly dried. If this is the case, dry them thoroughly before putting them away.

How to get rid of the milk smell from baby clothes?

Here are some tips if you’re looking to get rid of the milk smell from baby clothes.

First, ensure the clothing is properly dried before putting it in the dryer.

Second, ensure the dryer is running at low heat for maximal results.

Finally, use a vaporizer or electronic cigarette to evaporate any unpleasant smells from baby clothes.

Baby clothes smell like poop:

Andrea, a mother of two with a three-year-old and a one-year-old, says she’s not the only one. Baby clothes often smell like poop. Andrea has found that her clothes start to smell bad if she doesn’t wash them soon.

Baby clothes smell like spit-up:

Baby clothes can smell terrible, and some parents don’t want to buy them anymore. Some babies spit up a lot, so you might think their clothes smell bad too. However, the smell is caused by bacteria in the clothes on your baby’s skin.

Baby clothes smell musty:

When babies are born, their skin and clothing smell is often overwhelming. This can be particularly true if the baby’s skin is covered in sweat or milk. Baby clothes may also smell musty, which is due to either bacteria or work on the clothes.

Keeping babies’ clothing and skin clean is important, especially if they wear it often.


If you are thinking of making baby clothes smell good, there are a few things you can do to ensure the process is as successful as possible:

  • Be sure to use natural ingredients in your fabric selection. This will help to preserve the clothes and improve their smell over time.
  • Be sure to dry the clothes properly after laundering. Doing so will help to keep them smelling fresh and attractive.
  • Consider using a natural scent oil when creating the clothing recipe.

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