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Does OrangeTheory Have Childcare? (With Alternatives & Tips!)

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In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, parents often face the challenge of balancing fitness goals with childcare responsibilities. For those considering OrangeTheory as their preferred workout choice, the burning question arises: Does OrangeTheory offer childcare services? 

In this exploration, I am not only answering that query but also delve into alternatives for parents seeking a workout sanctuary with childcare options. Additionally, I’ll provide practical tips for seamlessly integrating fitness into the dynamic routine of parenting. Join us as we navigate the realm of fitness and childcare, helping you make informed choices on your journey to a healthier and balanced life.

What is OrangeTheory?

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Orange Theory is a fitness program that combines cardio, strength, and flexibility training in 60-minute classes led by certified coaches. The program uses heart rate monitors to track your workout intensity and help you achieve the optimal zone for burning fat and calories. The program claims that by following the Orange Theory method, you can boost your metabolism and energy levels, improve your endurance and strength, and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Orange Theory has over 1,300 studios across the world, offering a variety of classes and programs for different fitness levels and preferences. You can choose from different membership options, ranging from basic to unlimited, depending on how often you want to attend classes. You can also book classes online or through the Orange Theory app, making it convenient and flexible for your schedule.

Does Orange theory provide childcare or kid care?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Orange Theory does not have childcare services at any of its studios. This means that if you want to attend an OrangeTheory class, you will need to find someone else to take care of your kids while you work out.

Orange theory is a popular fitness brand, offering a range of group classes and individual training sessions to help clients reach their fitness goals. But what many people don’t know is that Orange theory also offers childcare or child care services in select locations.

This service provides parents with the opportunity to stay active and worry free while their children are safely looked after by dedicated staff members in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Orange Theory’s child care program offers activities for kids of all ages, including arts & crafts, games, stories, and other age-appropriate activities so that everyone can get the most out of their workout experience without having to worry about their little ones.

How to find childcare at Orange theory?

Finding quality child care can be a daunting task. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! At Orange theory, we offer various childcare options that will fit your needs and budget. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect childcare for your family:

  1. Talk to friends and family members. They may know somebody who can recommend a great provider. We are always happy to receive referrals from our satisfied parents!
  2. Check online resources like ChildCareAvenue and These websites list providers by location and offer detailed information about each program, including pricing and reviews from other parents.
  3. Ask around at your workplace or community center.

What is OrangeTheory lift 45? 

Lift 45 is a 45-minute resistance training class offered by Orangetheory Fitness. This program is specifically designed to help individuals build or sustain lean muscle mass, enhance exercise form, and complement their overall fitness routine.

4 Alternatives for Parents:

1. Look for a nearby daycare:

Finding affordable, quality child care can be difficult — but you don’t have to go far. Nearby daycare options often offer great services at a fraction of the price of traditional care. Here’s a look at nearby daycares that may be a good fit for your family.

  1. The first option is local government-run daycare. These facilities usually offer lower rates than private daycare’s, and they’re typically more accessible for families who need assistance with transportation.
  2. Another option is Independent Day Care (IDC). These facilities typically charge higher rates than government-run daycare’s, but they offer a more personal setting and often provide extra amenities like play spaces and classrooms.
  3. Finally, there are also licensed preschools and kindergartens that offer childcare services.

2. Partner up with a fellow mom or dad:

Parents looking for a fun and unique way to stay fit should consider partnering up with another local mom or dad and joining an Orange Theory fitness class. An OrangeTheory workout combines both cardio and strength training, while also providing participants with a support system that can help them reach their fitness goals easier.

Not only will you have the chance to make new friends, but you’ll also be able to monitor your progress together and motivate each other during the class.The classes are designed for all levels of fitness and offer personalized heart rate tracking so everyone can adjust their level of intensity as needed.

Heart rate monitors are worn throughout the class so that participants can keep track of how hard they’re working in real-time – this provides an extra layer of accountability that helps ensure everyone is pushing themselves to their full potential.

3. Work out a schedule with your partner:

Starting a family can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. One of your most important decisions is when and how to work. Your partner may want to stay home with their child, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your career. Here are some tips for working out a schedule with your partner while still taking care of your child:

Talk about what you both expect from parenting. Do you want to split childcare 50/50, or do you want one person to take care of all the duties?

Brainstorm a realistic parenting plan together. This will help keep track of who is doing what and when and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Make a calendar with dates for each parent to check off as they have completed their share of tasks. This will help keep everyone organized and happy!

4. Try to work out when kids are in school or bed:

Many answers work for everyone when picking when kids are in school or bed. Some believe children should be in bed by 7 pm, while others feel they can handle a little more wiggle time. However, some general guidelines can help make the decision easier.

For example, try to work out your child’s last day of kindergarten, so you know roughly when they will be ready for bed. Alternatively, try to schedule their last day of preschool around their last day of kindergarten so they can have less transition time. The most important thing is finding a balance that works for you and your child.

Does OrangeTheory have an Age limit?

OrangeTheory Fitness typically requires participants to be at least 16 years old to join their regular adult classes. However, age policies may vary by location, and some studios may have specific guidelines or programs for younger individuals.

How many times a week do you need to go to OrangeTheory?

The frequency of attending OrangeTheory Fitness sessions can vary based on individual fitness goals, preferences, and overall health. A general recommendation is to aim for 3 to 4 sessions per week to experience the full benefits of their high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. This allows for adequate recovery time and consistency in training, helping to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and overall endurance. It’s essential to listen to your body and adjust the frequency based on personal fitness levels and recovery needs. Consulting with OrangeTheory trainers can also provide personalized guidance based on individual circumstances.

How fast will I lose weight at Orangetheory?

The speed at which you’ll lose weight at Orangetheory depends on various factors like diet, intensity, and consistency. On average, expect noticeable results in 4-8 weeks with regular attendance and a balanced approach to nutrition.

How Much is the Orange Theory Family Membership?

How Much is the Orange Theory Family Membership

The Orangetheory family membership provides members access to childcare services, including drop-in play time, group classes, and special programming. The family membership starts at just $19 per month and includes unlimited access to all Orangetheory locations.

Orange theory membership packages:

  1. Basic Membership ($59 per month): Includes four classes each month at a cost of $59, with the option to purchase additional classes at a discounted rate.
  1. Elite Membership ($99 per month): Offers eight classes monthly for $99, and provides the opportunity to add extra classes at a reduced price.
  1. Premier Membership ($159 per month): Provides unlimited classes every month at a fixed cost of $159, with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

Fitness Tips for Daily Routine:

It’s important to seamlessly integrate fitness into the dynamic routine of parenting to ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

  • Family-oriented activities such as group workouts, walks, or bike rides can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Quick and efficient workouts, particularly during nap or quiet time, allow for consistent exercise without disrupting the daily routine. 
  • At-home fitness equipment, like resistance bands or dumbbells, provides convenience for busy parents. Setting realistic goals, creating a schedule, and leveraging technology with fitness apps contribute to a more structured and achievable fitness routine. 
  • Prioritizing self-care and involving children in workouts, when possible, fosters a positive approach to health for the entire family.

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In conclusion, OrangeTheory doesn’t provide childcare, but our exploration has uncovered alternative ways for parents to balance fitness and family. Whether it’s finding local daycares, teaming up with other parents, or coordinating with a partner, there are options to keep up with your fitness goals. While OrangeTheory may not have childcare universally, various alternatives and flexible schedules empower parents to stay active without sacrificing family responsibilities. Remember, every family is unique, so finding a balance that works for you is key. As you navigate fitness and childcare, may your journey be one of improved well-being and harmony.


Q1: Does OrangeTheory offer any discounts or special arrangements for parents who need childcare?

As of our latest information, OrangeTheory doesn’t provide specific discounts or special arrangements for childcare. However, it’s recommended to check with your local OrangeTheory studio for any recent updates or promotions that may cater to parents’ needs.

Q2: Can children observe or participate in OrangeTheory classes alongside their parents?

OrangeTheory generally has an age restriction, requiring participants to be at least 16 years old for regular adult classes. While children might not participate directly, it’s advisable to inquire with your local studio about any family-friendly events or programs that might involve kids.

Q3: Are there any virtual or at-home workout options provided by OrangeTheory for parents with childcare constraints?

OrangeTheory has adapted to virtual platforms in response to changing circumstances. They may offer at-home workout options through their app or online platforms, providing a convenient solution for parents who face challenges attending in-person classes.

Q4: Are there specific OrangeTheory classes tailored for parents or individuals with childcare responsibilities?

OrangeTheory primarily offers general fitness classes suitable for various individuals. However, it’s worth checking with your local studio to see if they have specific programs or time slots that might align better with the schedules of parents seeking childcare solutions.

Q5: Does OrangeTheory have washrooms?

Yes, OrangeTheory studios are equipped with washrooms for the convenience of their members. You can find restroom facilities within the studio premises for use before or after your workout sessions.

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